Do A Cashmere Quality Test

With the world of fashion generally known for looping similar trends over the years, one might expect that this time it will be no different story. However, though the fall-winter trends this year borrow heavily from the last year’s ideas and aesthetics, some of the trends that we as the customers are offered vary a bit with its fresh touch of originality…

Long story short, the main factor this next season is the boldness and audacity. Audacity is the name of the game for next season. And you need to actually feel a little bit more empowered than usual in order to carry off the deluge of mauve and pink, electro furs, couture red and glitter lurex from head to toe that ruled the runways in the fashion capitals.

While the last, spring-summer fashion season was noted to have a big influence of the ways of the 90’s in its most trending clothing collections, this winter it will be a bit more of that, just warmer…

Imagine more sharp shoulders, corsetted waists, oversized streetwear and stuff like that.

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